Sunday, November 13, 2011

Occupying Providence

I went to Occupy Providence Wednesday afternoon/evening and spent some time there.  My boyfriend went with me for safety reasons lol.  We walked around the park and checked it out first.  It looked pretty sweet with all the tents set up in the dark.  There is a guy there who sits drumming and drumming on his drum.  They were having a meeting when we arrived.  We listened in for a bit but found out later that the meeting really had nothing to do with the movement directly, but rather people having troubles living in the park together.  The link below is to a video supposedly taken earlier that day.  It's about privacy issues surrounding police using infrared cameras to look in the tents on the night of the snowstorm ...but the reason I include this is simply so if you haven't been there you can see what it looks like :-)

We walked around some more and I interviewed the drummer guy first but lost my pen, bought a pen then interviewed the girl at the Media tent which is in charge of the Media for the movement including FaceBook and Twitter, and then one guy named Scott who had been at the meeting I spoke of earlier.  I started with each interviewee by explaining I'm a student and asking them what the movement is all about.  Their answers varied slightly, but they all said the same thing.  What they described was THEIR idea of what the movement is, and everyone is going to have their own idea of what it's about. 

The lady at the Media tent told me this when I asked her:  "We are in solidarity with Occupy Wallstreet to protest government bailout of banks and corporate greed."  Scott also believed that, but he was more there for the enlightening...he believes the movement is about educating and enlightening as many people as possible, because as he said, "You never know who you'll reach".  Which is why I think he enjoyed talking to me so much! lol  He told me that 1% of the population owns 80% of the wealth and natural resources.  He went on to talk about New World Order and how he believes this was foreseen by many people in the past who were assassinated, including ex-presidents.  

I was also told by everyone I asked that there are more people there during the day, and all 3 people I spoke with have jobs and can only sleep in the tents a few times a week, not every night.  Scott told me I should come back and I said I might.  I think it'd actually be pretty cool to camp out there at night, but now after watching that video I'm not so sure lol.


  1. Great post. I like that you had something different to say than I did. =)

  2. Thanks Amanda. I didn't know you went too, I'll have to read yours :-)