Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cinderella Ate My Daughter by Peggy Orenstein

Extended Comments:  Amanda A.'s Blog

I agree with you on about the appearance thing.  I don't know what Barbie's measurements are, but I definitely believe it that they are impossible!  I think the celebrities have an even bigger negative impact on girls today, but clearly the toys do as well.  It's really just ridiculous the kinds of clothes out there for young girls today.  It really is sad they there are even produced in the first place.  Anyone who wants to see little girls dressed like sluts is seriously SICK...dressing your little girl up like the slut in "Pretty Woman" is going too far a think.

I also agree with you on not being able to "sexualize" a girl with baby probably is impossible but why on earth would you want to??  The key word in "baby teeth" is BABY...why would ANYONE try to sexualize their baby?!?  The whole idea kind of makes me sick and to be honest think is one of the big reasons why I don't want to have any kids at all!!!

And lastly, I definitely agree with your last paragraph.  "Overall, I agree with Orenstein's view on how princesses affect little girls image of themselves. And I agree that the idea of princesses, like in TLC's show, is teaching girls how to be more provactive and overlysexualized when they are too young to even understand it yet."  I think that's a enormous part of the problem...not understanding.  The little girls that are being dressed like sluts, etc. have no idea what they are doing, they are just going along with their parents' ideas and they don't know that their parents are the ones who are WRONG.

Children instinctively trust their parents and they are the ones getting looked at and looked down upon because of their parents' stupid ideas and decisions.  Yes, there are many celebrities, toys, etc, that could be bad influences to the children without a doubt, but overall it's the PARENTS JOB to bring up their children the correct way and dressing your child like a slut for a stupid contest is NOT the way to do it!!!

A little article about why Peggy Orenstein wrote the book.

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